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It was December of 1998 when Ravi and Anoushka Shankar were advised to use Big Fish Recording for their upcoming Anourag CD project.  Over the years Big Fish became a favorite place to record due to the sound quality and close proximity of the Shankar residence in Encinitas resulting in many projects.


In the 60′s Ravi became known as one of the greats of the Western World during his time spent working with George Harrison of The Beatles. Ravi was a heavy influence on Harrison as they were very close throughout their lives. George acquired much respect in India as his works with Ravi were spread throughout the world. They released Ravi Shankar and George Harrison’s Collaborations which is comprised of 58 tracks, held to amazing acclaim.


Years went by and Anoushka was born on June 9, 1981.  At the age of nine she became deeply rooted within classical Indian music under her father and guru, Ravi Shankar.  In her twenties, she began establishing herself as one of the foremost classical sitarists on the world’s stage. She started to thrive as a composer as she went on to  perform and conduct the orchestra for “A Concert for George” held at the Royal Albert Hall in London on November 29, 2002 as a memorial for George Harrison on the first anniversary of his death.


In addition to Anourag, Anoushka came to Big Fish to record Breathing Underwater (Angel Records) a collaboration with Karsh Kale which also included guest vocalists Sting and Anoushka’s half sister Nora Jones.  An eclectic combination of Indian classical with world beat and intoxicating rhythms throughout. Big Fish Recording owner Paul Waroff  claims it to be one his favorite CD’s.


Another CD worked on here at Big Fish,  Anoushka’s Traveller which was nominated for a Grammy and won her the award as Best Artist in the Songlines Music Awards in 2012.


Anoushka commenced work at Big Fish in Decemeber 2012 on into January 2013 for the newly released Traces of You with Engineer Matt van Allen and Producer Nitin Sawhney. Sadly, her father Ravi Shankar passed on during the recordings here at Big Fish in late December. Anoushka released it October 4, 2013 via Deutsche Grammophon carrying on her father’s work to this day.  Make sure to stay tuned for 2013 Recap Part 2 along with current tracking. Cheers!


-       Josh Perkins




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