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BIG FISH: Explain the concept behind the name CEREMONY…

CEREMONY: We got the name from the last song Ian Curtis ever wrote in Joy Division before he killed himself. I learned about it because of the New Order song. It turned out to be recorded as a Joy Division song which is on that album. It was the last Joy Division song recorded. The music we were making at the time was really caustic sounding and we wanted to dichotomize that.

BF: Where are you guys from?

C: The Bay Area.

BF: How long has CEREMONY been together?

C: Coming on ten years, in March of 2015 it will be ten years.

BF: What’s going on currently with the band?

C: We are recording our second full-length for Matador Records here at BIG FISH STUDIOS.

BF: Describe how the band came together…

C: We were high school friends, We had a guy Alex C. He was a guitar player, after the demo we gave him the boot (Laughs). Now we have Andy.

BF: Influences?

C: Fugazi, The Fall, maybe Negative Approach was one when we were younger. It changes all the time, I think it’s pretty limiting, “like we are only influenced by these two things” because you can always tell when a band is influenced by two things and their music is always pretty boring. If a band sounds too much like a band that came before them usually people will say, “I’d just rather listen to the other band.” It’s hard to say. One of us was about to listen to OutBreak which is a hardcore band from Maryland (Laughs). So yeah, it is difficult to narrow down influences due to the fact that it changes so often. I think how some people transition from one thing into another is fucking lame, for us it’s just growth. All of us in CEREMONY are interested in finding new stuff no matter what it is.

BF: In saying that, has their been any major changes sonically from your past record into this one?

C: Yeah, with this record it sounds like what we thought the last record would sound like. More focus I think, we’ve gotten better at doing what we want to as a band. Were strong believers, usually try to minimize the sound instead of adding more to it. Taking away is better as opposed to adding. Or to repeat. If we can make something that is repetitive, hypnotic, and minimal it’s left stripped and layed bare.

BF: If you could narrow all those elements down into a genre, where would CEREMONY lie?

C: A Punk band. A Post-Punk band. Capital P punk is not like a particular sound or look or fashion or anything it’s like a space that you exist in. It’s a liberation. You can be a punk band and sound like anything in my opinion. It’s more about not putting yourself into a corner.

BF: Absolutely, what about future shows?

C: Yeah, were doing a full US tour this summer starting July 8th. Some cool bands are playing along the way, Iron Lung, Perfect Pussy.

BF: Perfect Pussy are phenomenal!

C: Yeah! They’re great!

BF: Best and most powerful show CEREMONY has played?

C: THIS IS HARDCORE FESTIVAL was radical. It took place in Philly, I think bands like CROWBAR are playing this year, it’s the type of thing that MADBALL would headline which is cool I guess. It is a cool festival for sure. There’s some feelings amongst us that those kind of people think that we would go over like a lead balloon. I think we played the best out of any band there including JUDGE and shit like that. It was so wild, it was encouraging because we didn’t just play old songs. We started with probably our slowest, quietest song and were able to FEEL the vibes. It felt really powerful and cool and it seemed to make an impact on everyone that was there.

BF: How did you guys find out about BIG FISH?

C: We played with Rocket From The Crypt in San Francisco, and I went up to John Reis and punished him. “I love you man, so happy were playing this show.” I told him we were doing a new record soon and we were interested in having him help us with it. He was like, “yeah, totally.” (Laughs). Got his number, called him and it took him probably around 8 months to call me back but he finally did right in time too. Some slick motherfuckers (Laughs). We wanted to keep it raw with John.

BF: Overall results?

C: So far I think the record is the best fucking thing ever. John’s the fucking man. We love him. Everyone here really, very cool. The whole experience has been… (Long Pause) it feels nothing at all like work. It feels alive and creative, the whole atmosphere of the place. I don’t have any doubts.



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