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BIG FISH: Where are you guys based out of currently?

FULL REVOLUTION: Encinitas, all of us are based there.

BF: How long have you guys been together as a full band? Has their been any lineup changes from the beginning until now?

FR: 9 years, yeah probably somewhere around 9 years. Nothing but added memories, this is it right here (they all say).

BF: What’s going on currently?

FR: We actually just got a new keyboard player but he’s out of town at the moment. We got a gig comin’ up at Belly Up on July 26th.

BF: Describe how the band came together 9 years ago?

FR: We met taking guitar and bass lessons as kids. Our Mom’s met around that time and that played a role in getting to know each other better, this is when we like 13 or 14 (laughs).

BF: Who are your main influences?

FR: Sly & the Family Stone, The Doors, Hendrix, Donovan, and The Meters.

BF: How would describe the sound of Full Revolution if you could narrow it down into a genre?

FR: Psychedelic / Blues / Funk / Rock /

BF: Has their been any major changes sonically within the past 9 years?

FR: We were pretty into Iron Maiden and Megadeath six years ago, so you could say metal was thrown in there around that time but definitely didn’t last.

BF: How did you discover Big Fish?

FR: Our keyboard player knows owner Paul Waroff.

BF: What did you guys think of the overall experience? 

FR: It’s been great!

Tracked and Mixed by Aaron Berman

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