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BIG FISH: So tell me about how you guys came up with the name LORD MARSHALL.

LORD MARSHALL: I was looking for a name for the band a few years ago. I was thinking of a few different names that could be a futuristic name, a name that when people here it holds a medieval tone. I thought Lord Marshall could work.

BF: Where are you guys from originally?

LM: France, Los Angeles, and the Orange County area. All of us are from different areas.

BF: How long have you guys been together as LORD MARSHALL? 

LM: About a year and a half now, the band has been in existence for 5 years though.

BF: What’s going on currently?

LM: Were in the process of the first album, we have a 5 song EP out which was tracked and mixed in France and Los Angeles. We plan to have the album finished this year. The whole atmosphere of the band is a futuristic feel intertwined with different dimensions. We’ve created a character Mr. Mercenary who has glowing red eyes, very dark, with a rugged trench coat. He travels through dimensions, this a character you could see at our shows. We have Mr. Mercenary onstage with us. The concept of LORD MARSHALL is being able to see other dimensions, other worlds and to bring back those stories.

BF: Influences? 

LM: Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Metallica. All these bands are very powerful but they bring so much melody to the music. We appreciate all of the melodies within the context of each individual band. Also a lot of soundtracks, classical soundtracks to films. Anything that has strong melodies and that really moves you.

BF: Gets to the core of you.

LM: Yeah, yeah. Were not fans of playing fast and loud for 10 minutes and with nothing in it.

BF: No true meaning behind it.

LM: Yeah, yeah. I get bored really quick with that. More of the European bands, it’s a lot more melodic. More atmosphere.

BF: Has their been any major changes sonically over the past year and half?

LM: With the EP yeah, the EP sounds a little outdated. But overall the EP is good, good quality for what it is. It’s deep. The sound were going for with the album is going to be really heavy and really melodic. The drums hitting really hard, sounds of snapping the snare.

BF: Where do you think your strongest following is?

LM: All friends mostly (Laughs). We’ve seen lots of different types of people come to our shows and with our music it’s not too strict on anything. It’s grouped in with the thrash and the progressive fans. I’ve seen people dressed like punks and listen to our music as well (Laughs).

BF: Any show that stands out more than others?

LM: The show we liked most was last November at The Yost in Santa Ana, California. We got a lot of good feedback at that show. A pit is always a plus when people start getting into the music.

BF: How did you guys find out about Big Fish? 

LM: I was looking for a studio in Los Angeles and drove down here, looked at the website, talked to owner Paul Waroff and he explained to me how it works. He told me Megadeath was here so that was a good sign for me. I want to work with people who have done metal. Were not going to go to a studio where they’ve never done metal. I had a very good feel about this place. It’s definitely what we were looking for.

LORD MARSHALL IS: Loic Gissiere, Tim Stiegler, Kyle “SNAGLROT” Stone, Josh Bartlett.

Tracked and Mixed by Matt Van Allen

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