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BIG FISH: Can you talk a little bit about the concept behind the name Monster On Sunday?

MONSTER ON SUNDAY: We came up with it before we started this band, we both wanted a name that was three words long. It needed to relate to atheism, we came up with the three letters MOS. Shortly after Monster on Sunday was formed. We wanted people to question it. We have a self-titled song that we wrote that explains the concept behind Monster on Sunday. Humans have different ideas, like who is the Monster? The idea in that song brings you through three different scenarios.

BF: It holds more a mystique, it’s not completely straightforward?

MOS: Yeah. Any one of us could be the Monster. We obviously have a message and we are very bias in our message but we do want people to think and question it. We want you to think on your own. We want people to assess where they stand on these moral issues.

BF: How did this whole project come together? 

MOS: It started in Portland, were married and one day we came up with the idea of doing an atheist band. We had both been playing in bands for years, we had 35 years of doing music between the two of us before Monster on Sunday even started. We did research for months trying to find anyone putting out atheist rock and the one individual that we came across was Shelley Segal. She was soon to be in Portland, so we had it arranged to open for her. Shelley Segal is an acoustic folk artist from Australia.

BF: Would you say Shelley Segal is a big influence?

MOS: Not sonically but the fact that she spoke out and was not afraid to share her opinion was inspiring to us. It was like, we could do a show with her, let’s do this.

BF: Who are your influences musically?

MOS: Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Skid Row, Janis Joplin, Mariah Carey. A fusion of all those.

BF: Has their been any major changes sonically over the past couple years?

MOS: Absolutely, we started as an acoustic-rock duo. Both of us come from hard-rock backgrounds. We never really felt comfortable with an acoustic sound.

BF: What is the point you guys are trying to get across?

MOS: We are non-religious individuals looking for music with this theme. That being said, as an atheist you feel very isolated at times. A great amount of people in this country were indoctrinated into the religion of their family and they themselves may not believe it. We want to reach out to other atheists to let them know that they are not alone. That is our main message.

BF: Any moments onstage that stand out more than others?

MOS: Yeah, we played the Sunday Assembly at an atheist organization that gained us a lot of attention. We played one of our songs, “Stardust” which was very well received.

BF: How did you guys find out about Big Fish?

MOS: Through our bassist, we had been trying out different drummers and nothing was really working out so we programmed the drums ourselves. Our bassist mentioned that Blink-182 recorded here so that perked our interest.

BF: Overall results here at Big Fish Studios?

MOS: Very, very pleased, everything sounds great! Matt is doing a fantastic job!

MONSTER ON SUNDAY IS: Tally Cass – Vocals / Steve Cass – Guitar




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