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BIG FISH: Where did the band formulate?

OCEAN FRONT: Galberry, Texas. Right outside of Dallas.

BF: How long have you guys been together as a quartet?

OF:  A year and a half.

BF: Tell me a bit about how the band came together…

OF: It was a senior banquet at our highschool, a presentation so to speak. There was a senior walk where specific seniors could present a talent. Considering we have all been in a marching band together we thought might as well put together an actual band together. A rock band.

BF: What made you guys pick up music?

OF: We all came from musical families. All of our parents were always singing to us. There were always instruments laying around that were available to us as kids.

BF: Influences?

OF: Coldplay, Matchbox Twenty, John Mayer, The Strokes.

BF: How would you guys describe your sound?

OF: Very ambient yet still modern, with a bit of pop you could say.

BF: Has there been any major changes sonically over the past year and a half?

OF: We started out doing covers. That being said we all got to know each other better and started to figure out our sound. Sounds got weirder (Laughs). The band just got tighter as time went on.

BF: How would you describe your fan base in Texas?

OF: Strong and growing.

BF: Any moments onstage that stand out more than others? A particular show perhaps…

OF: Our last show, tons of energy.

BF: And where was that?

OF: At The Alliance Skatepark. Grand Prairie, Texas. Our fan base grew so much after that, it was amazing.

BF: So what’s the objective here at Big Fish? An EP, LP or just laying down a couple tracks?

OF: An EP. The whole process has felt very natural and organic.

BF: How did you guys find out about us?

OF: Through JD Aguilar, he set the whole thing up. Everyone here has been really awesome, all of you guys have been super supportive. It wouldn’t have even happened if it wasn’t for you guys here to provide such an amazing space. Everyone who has been involved have helped us get to where we are now and to keep going further!







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