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Mountains backed by corn fields, bikini clad beaches, faint static screened football. Let all these thoughts fill your mind as you take a dose of Radio Moscow. Psychedelic blues-rock at it’s finest, RM has continued to deliver the goods since 2007.  Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys caught wind of the trio, got them signed to Alive Naturalsound Records along with producing their self-titled debut released seven years ago. Since then, RM have went on to release three full-length LP’s. Brain Cycles (2009), The Great Escape of Leslie Magnafuzz (2011), and 3 & 3 Quarters (2012). Developing a strong following throughout Europe these guys have settled back in the US to record their new album set to be released later this year. Big Fish Recording sat down with the trio late one night.

BF: Where is the band originally from?

RM: The band started in Iowa in a town called Story City. Our drummer Paul Marrone came out and lived with me there before we moved out to California. We moved down to this area (San Diego) where we found our bassist Anthony Meier.

BF: So what year did the band formulate?

RM: I made a solo album called Radio Moscow in 2003, and the first lineup came about two years after that. So 2005.

BF: Since the self-titled debut came out back in 2007, has anything changed in terms of your sound?

RM: It was more blues-rock at first. Now it’s more psychedelic.

BF: Who were your main influences within that first record?

RM: Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac, MC5, Blue Cheer, The Allman Brothers, and Jimi Hendrix.

BF: Describe your writing process, do you start with something skeletal like a melody and a chord structure?

RM: Yeah a bit, usually starts with a guitar riff then on to vocals that fit within that riff. Definitely a riff first.

BF: If you guys could talk a bit about the artwork behind Brain Cycles and The Great Escape of Leslie Magnafuzz.

RM: Brain Cycles was done by a guy named Anthony Yankovich who did our first album as well. I think he came up with that just to match the title. The Great Escape of Leslie Magnafuzz was actually done by my ex-girlfriend. We had this one artist that was supposed to do the cover, we didn’t like his artwork so I had my girlfriend draw something up real quick.

BF: Where was 3 & 3 Quarters recorded?

RM: In my parent’s basement, just on a 4 track machine.

BF: I know you guys just came off a European tour, how are the shows different there as opposed to the US?

RM: We have a better following out there. We’ve spent a lot of time in Europe over the years.

BF: Any upcoming shows here in the US?

RM: Not at the moment, were hoping to do something in March. Still waiting on news.

BF: What brought you guys to Big Fish Recording?

RM: Through Astra ( I think we may have had a conversation about it a couple weeks back and was thinking maybe that could work. Which it did.

BF: How was the overall experience?

RM: It’s been awesome, don’t have any complaints.

Radio Moscow: Parker Griggs – Guitar, Vocals Anthony Meier – Bass Paul Marrone – Drums

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