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BIG FISH: Where in Australia are you guys from?

SKYPILOT: We are from Brisbane, Australia. The Sunshine Coast which is an hour north of Brisbane on the East Coast. We all grew up a few minutes down the road from each other.

BF: How long has SKYPILOT been together?

SP: As a band nearly four years. We used be in a heavy metal band before Skypilot came to fruition. All of us have been playing music together for a long time.

BF: What’s going on currently?

SP: To record a killer rock album! (Laughs) As of now were testing the waters, eventually leading on to recording a full length LP.

BF: Describe how the band came together…

SP: We met through mutual friends way back, all of us were in hardcore bands at the time. We hit it off right away, we had common interests like skating, surfing, and music. Eventually we started writing songs together and left the hardcore bands behind us and actually went acoustic. We were playing as an acoustic duo for quite sometime. It’s really been within this past year that we transitioned into a full band.

BF: Influences?

SP: Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers (Laughs). Too many to name off, we listen to everything from old school blues to electronic music and everything in between. I think you get inspired from every different genre in a certain way when it comes to songwriting. Growing up listening to Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash you realize their talent as songwriters. When it comes to sound and styles you got to listen to modern day stuff to get inspired.

BF: How would you describe your sound?

SP: PAUL WAROFF from Big Fish actually described us as a mix of Switchfoot, Crosby Stills & Nash, with the listenability of Coldplay.

BF: Has their been any major changes sonically since you guys are now a full band?

SP: Yeah! This is why were here, were in the process of changing that. We’ve done two albums, the first one was very acoustic, second one we did in Nashville which was still acoustic driven but it had a full band influence, very country rock, very 70′s sounding. With this album were gearing towards rock.

BF: How would you describe your fan base back in Australia?

SP: I’d say we have a stronger fan base in the US since we’ve toured mainly in the US. When we first became a band our first tours were in America. We started off targeting the younger generation, then we found that everyone was into it. Older guys in their 50′s and such, it was awesome watching the music reach all different kinds of people. I think because it has that 70′s harmony sound which Simon & Garfunkel and that type of music had. It’s not exactly like that but it’s got that essence.

BF: Any moment in particular that stands out more than others?

SP: This week we got to play Hotel Cafe in Hollywood which was so much fun. There weren’t heaps of people but the people that were there LOVED it. And as a band, we LOVED it. We play so many different types of venues, we’ve even played homeless shelters which has been crazy to take your music out of the touring performance aspect and play to homeless people. All of the sudden the lyrics mean a lot more. Also in third world countries like Papua New Guinea where people don’t have anything so the music means a lot more to them than making you feel good, it’s actually Hope.

BF: Absolutely, tell me a bit about MIKE DYSLAND spotting you guys and bringing the band here…

SP: Yeah! We were living in Carlsbad last year and discovered some pub down the road that had an open mic, we thought let’s go play it better than sitting on the couch. We went down, set up and played a few songs and the whole place loved it. We were blown away from the response just for a little open mic night. And then Mike came up to us and was like, “You guys actually a band? That was pretty damn good!” He told us he was living up at BIG FISH STUDIOS, basically told us to come check it out. He gave us his number and that’s how we ended up here. We came up and met Paul, was really cool to share what were doing with everyone here, especially Mike.

BF: What did you guys think of the overall experience/results here?

SP: It’s a great atmosphere, we’ve been in other studios before and something about this place when you walk in you don’t feel pressure, or nerves or anything of the sort. It holds a feeling of comfort and that really helps with playing. I got to say it’s been one of the greatest experiences because I feel like I could just be myself. Being here you can really express the music that’s in you.




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