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Big Fish: Band name?

Taylor Olson: Just my name, Taylor Olson.

BF: Where are you from?

TO: I’m originally from San Francisco, but currently living in Los Angeles.

BF: How long have you been involved with music?

TO: Since I was twelve. I would make up music up in my head, singing and stuff like that. That led me on to playing shows throughout high school. When I was eighteen I started to mess around on the computer making my own songs.

BF: What sparked you to pick up an instrument and play?

TO: Partial boredom and my parents yelling at me. Music was a great way to keep myself occupied. Music was basically my babysitter when I was young. My Mom would put on videos of Michael Jackson so that would keep me occupied for three or four hours.

BF: What’s going on currently with your music?

TO: Finishing my album Rehab hopefully by the end of tonight. It’s going to be released December 3rd worldwide. I have a single out right now on iTunes called “All American Drug.”

BF: Describe how this project came about.

TO: I knew I wanted to create an album about two years ago. I wasn’t quite sure what kind of sound I wanted so I spent about six months getting the sound together. I started to build up the stories I wanted to tell, all of which are based on my life in LA. Partying, sex, drugs, alcohol all that kind of shit.

BF: Who are your major influences?

TO: A mixture between Michael Jackson because of his originality. The electronic dance music of Afrojack and Tiesto mixed with a male version of Britney Spears when she was killing it…

BF: Like late 90′s, early 2000′s Britney?

TO: Exactly! Rockin’ ab days, that’s the style were going for here. (Laughs)

BF: How would you describe your sound if you could narrow it down into a specific genre?

TO: Definitely dance music, with an urban flare to it. I’ve infused dance and electronic beats and mixed them with hip-hop beats as well.

BF: When you’re playing live, is it more of a DJ set as opposed to a live set?

TO: A bit of both I’d say. I have a DJ, we both incorporate live remixes into the set.

BF: Has there been any major changes sonically over the past few years?

TO: The first couple tracks I ever recorded I ended up hating, they sounded so unoriginal to me. I took a break from recording for six months after that to reassess my sound.

BF: What is it you’re trying to get across with your music?

TO: Relating to people within my age bracket. A lot of my friends who experienced the stories within my songs, people that are younger than me that are going to experience what you go through when you leave home for the first time. I don’t want to say there’s a lot of thought-provoking material on the album, but your going to go out and party, get crazy, your going to fall in and out of love. It’s more about the first three years of your twenties and how crazy they are, like those three years feel like ten…

BF: So much shit happens within those years both good and bad.

TO: Yeah, exactly.

BF: How would you describe your fanbase?

TO: I have crazy fans, a lot of them from all over the world. I get messages on YouTube, Instagram, from China, Australia. It definitely feels like a lot of support. They love all the music I do. I feel like the music I make is universal. A lot of people could get into it.

BF: People relating to the lyrics, that kind of shit.

TO: Yeah, yeah. Thursday through Sunday you party no matter where you are in the world.

BF: Sounds like you probably have a crazy tour story or two…

TO: At the West Hollywood Halloween Carnival about three weeks ago, that was absolutely insane! Performing in front of 35,000 people you definitely get a rush. They had shut down the street so after I performed I was walking through the crowd and people were coming up and tugging me in all different directions grabbing me and shit. Definitely a little scary not gonna lie. (Laughs). I’m not famous but on Halloween drunk people think anyone is famous I guess. (Laughs).

BF: Any moments onstage that stand out more than others?

TO: Yeah, at the same show (West Hollywood Halloween Carnival) I played a snippet of a promo track I put out about a month before and people were getting down, they knew all the words so that definitely felt good.

BF: How did you find out about Big Fish Recording?

TO: Through one of my friends I grew up with in San Francisco. I started working with her when I moved to Sacramento and she had recommended you guys when I moved down to LA. Got in touch with Engineer Matt van Allen shortly after that and it pretty much went from there.

BF: What did you think of the experience and results here at Big Fish?

TO: It was so professional and amazing. The first time I went to record at another studio there was like one mic and two computers, basically nothing. Here at Big Fish I had an Isolation Booth to focus more on vocals, if I decide to get on a piano it’s all here. It’s very well laid-out, very professional, the most comfortable setting I’ve ever been in.

BF: Anyone you would like to thank?

TO: Everyone that was there to see me perform all these crazy songs. To everyone who got to experience the process of making this album with me.

Taylor Olson’s Rehab out December 3rd on iTunes.

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