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Big Fish: Where are you guys originally from?

The OrangePickers: Both of us (brothers) were born in Orange County, California.

BF: So, where are you guys based out of now?

TOP: East County, San Diego

BF: Take me back to the beginning of The OrangePickers.

TOP: Well, we started off a few years ago with Tony Schmidt as our drummer for our first record The Parables Of which came out in August of 2012.

BF: Take me to the present moment of the band.

TOP: Right now were recording here trying to get our next record out.

BF: So this next record would be the sophomore release?

TOP: Yes!

BF: Describe how the band came together.

TOP: My brother and I have always been playing, we both picked up music at a very early age which led us on to bigger things. We were both members of our local church band back in the day.

BF: That’s fucking great!

TOP: Totally!

BF: Who are your influences?

TOP: Jimi Hendrix, The Allman Brothers, Cream, CCR, and Little Richard.

BF: How would you describe YOUR own sound?

TOP: We’d have to say psychedelic-blues-rock.

BF: Has their been any major changes sonically over the past few years?

TOP: Yeah, I’d say were a lot tighter now, more rhythm.

BF: Good, good. So tell me about some crazy shit, fans, shows, moments that stand out more than most?

TOP:  Not really any crazy stories yet. We have played some good shows Downtown around North Park and Gaslamp that definitely stand out more so than others. We get a lot of support from our Latin fans as well.

BF: How did you guys find out about Big Fish?

TOP: It was listed on the back of Switchfoot’s sixth album Oh Gravity. That was one of our favorite albums recorded here. Then we looked at the website and you linked us up!

BF: Tell me your thoughts about the overall experience.

TOP: It’s been great, got everything tracked and mixed perfectly!

BF: That’s what we like to hear, thanks so much!

TOP: Thank you!

The OrangePickers are: Burt De Armas – Guitar / / / Fabian De Armas – Bass / / / Tony Schmidt – Drums

Recorded and Mixed by Aaron Berman


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