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BIG FISH: Explain the concept behind the name The So So Glos?


The So So Glos: It’s a concept that our guitarist Ryan Levine wrote into a song that we used to play, it was sort of thinking your hot shit when your really not, just sort of so so glo… our generation rehashing the past. A lot of it is really generational; our generation has the passions and the spirits of previous generations. It seems like people have become cynical nowadays.


BF: If you could describe your music down into a specified genre, where would The So So Glos lie?


SSG: Punk music. The line gets really blurred with us. We play what we feel, most of the time. We don’t think about it, it’s a brotherhood.


BF: Maybe talk a little bit about 2013’s Blowout…




SSG: Blowout was a great record, we did it all on our own with a little help from Kyle Johnson, an engineer out of Philly and Adam Reich working as our producer. It was a real victory lap for us. We had just gotten out of a bad label deal and a bad time period that year; we just had fun making that record.


BF: How do you see Brooklyn within your own eyes?


SSG: Well, it’s interesting being from there because a lot of people who live in Brooklyn now aren’t from there so it’s really like a different city. New York has always changed and it will continue to change and change. New York is always evolving. But yeah we’re from Brooklyn and live in Brooklyn. It’s just a place with a lot of music going on. We have a great venue called Shea Stadium so we do all that stuff too. We’re pretty active, we also tour a lot so sometimes we’re not even around at all.


BF: How did you guys link with John Reis?


SSG: Our booking agent is also John’s booking agent and they came to a show. I think it was kind of like, “These guys … The So So Glos or whatever.” He had heard Blowout and saw our live show, ended up hitting it off after our set.


BF: How do you feel about the overall experience here at BIG FISH STUDIOS?


SSG: Big Fish has been great, really great. It’s a dream come true for us New Yorkers to be somewhere totally new and far away from home that’s beautiful and professional and fun and wild. We’re not used to this.


BF: Anyone you guys would like to give thanks to?


SSG: Yeah of course! We would like to thank owner Paul Waroff, we would like to thank you, we would like to thank John Reis, we would like to thank Austin Burns, we would like to thank Ben Moore. We would like to thank all of the bands that have recorded here before us, the wall of fame at BIG FISH.


Jul 29 : Grog Shop w/ Desaparecidos – Cleveland, OH

Jul 31: Water Street Music Hall w/ Desaparecidos – Rochester, NY

Aug 1 : The Met w/ GYMSHORTS – Pawtucket, RI

Aug 2 : Port City Music Hall w/ Desaparecidos – Portland, ME

Aug 4: Paradise Rock Club w/ Desaparecios – Boston, MA

Aug 6: Webster Hall w/ Desaparecidos – New York, NY

Aug 7: Union Transfer w/ Desaparecidos – Philadelphia, PA

Aug 8: 9:30 Club w/ Desaparecidos – Washington, DC


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